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Every Lorraine Original headboard is a rare combination of superb quality, elegance, and versitility.
The Design Center is your guide to an exclusive look with your own Lorraine Original.
Clearance Sale Reupholstering a Lorraine headboard is as simple as turning the clips and removing the panel; wrapping new fabric around the panel with thumbtacks. No tools or skill are required.

Lorraine Furniture Company has been manufacturing its finely crafted headboards since 1977 and is the recipient of several distinguished awards. There are seven hand-crafted models, many fine finishes, and unlimited fabric choices. Lorraine makes it easy for you to become your own designer. See answers for questions we are frequently asked.

If you are decorating with a headboard, whether it is a metal headboard, wooden or upholstered headboard, wicker, or even a do-it-yourself-headboard, you need to consider the unique advantages of a Lorraine Original.

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